Sunday, March 19, 2006

UK Magistrate's pronouncement 100 years ago...!!

"Two friends have weighed in with their views to this posting that I received today and I think u can add yours to the Magisterial oration and circulate for the benfit of the common humanity, particularly the obedient ones."

- "Ah for the days when men were allowed to be cowards and were honoured for so being!"

- "This verdict should be cast in pure gold, framed in a platinum and displayed at all public places, in the houses of parliament, outside women's rights organization offices (jumbo size), at all railway stations, airports, sea ports and toll plazas. Slides should be telecast on prime time on all TV channels around the world (during Oprah and all soap operas too). Judge Makinson be awarded (posthumously now) Nobel Prize, Victoria Cross, Medal of Honor, Legion d'Honneur, Nishan-e-Haider, Nishan-e-Pakistan, Padam Bhooshan and whatever other highest civil and military awards the world can bestow upon a judge with such an exceptional sense of justice and, valour. Also for his masterly articulateness."

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